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 learned English as a child and had the chance to grow up in North America. I never thought it would actually turn into my first and longest job ever. I remember I began to teach an 8 year old immigrant when I was in 10th grade at age 15. He was a neighbor from my apartment buidling and his mom hired me to teach him how to read in English. It was a success! Aside from the fact that he was a smart kid, I had the passion to teach him what I knew would make him feel as a part of a new world. At the same time I began to teach my oldest student back then who was 42 years old! Can you imagine! I remember she paid me around $5 an hour, and she learned! 

I am also a musician so I was also able to teach English through music in the latter years inGuatemala. It is amazing how children can learn languages through songs. English opened huge doors for me and I was able to travel to Haiti after the Earthquake in 2010 where I volunteered at an orphanage and a school as an English, music and Spanish teacher. I also taught in Dominican Republic. 

Besides English and Spanish I speak three more languages and the way I have learned them most has been through songs and reading. I don´t teach those three languages because I have not developed the grammatical skills just yet. Only the spoken and listening. 

The more languages we speak, the more opportunities that will come our way to expand our knowledge and teach others as well. 

Remember the Sky is the Limit and there are no frontiers or borders when we are able to communicate with others no matter the culture or their mother tongue because English has turned into a universal language. 

I hope to see you soon! 

Best Regards, 

Tirsa Mazariegos. 

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